Right now i want to talk about give up. If you feel want to give up. Same, you’re not alone.  Maybe, It’s because of procrastination, and your body extra tired, or your body not ready to change the habit. its like feel jetlag, hmm  maybe is time to medical checkup or put good food to your body. You will find the different.

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Lets go……

This is me about 2 until 5 year ago, i am not fit and unhealthy

Yaa Because I struggle with my daily activity and dreams. .

I joined some learning classes and seminars, but got stuck and don’t have good community support.

Don’t worry this video is not about business. This video is about my workout journey.

I realized my weight gain and gain again.

After that, in 2019 I decided to start a gym and a sport, and I choses a cycling.

I searched on e-commerce sites, and bought cheap and valuable bicycles.

Before going out, I cover my head, to protect myself from the sun and for safety.. That is my secret to make my skin face not dusty. 

Then I realized I don’t have a bell. So the next day I bought it. 

That is my journey to be healthy and fit. 

But I think I must doing more, 

So When going to the gym I use a bicycle, and after that going home use a bicycle too.

After 3 month later, I feel too bored and tired. Yeah, I’m doing without friends, all of my friends are business owners, professional workers, self employees, workers that cannot join in morning time. If friends want to join, the place is far from their home.  

So, my motivation goes up and down, because of time management and job desk. So I decided to stop going to the gym and start tricking class. 

Tricking class is a training discipline that combines kicks with flips and twists from martial arts and gymnastics as well as many dance moves and styles from breakdancing.

I think will be great beginning at morning to star learn tricking. But no body at class i’am doing alone again, at the first time it was fun, but I couldn’t follow class on time. I always feel dizzy when training and sometime feel vomit too,  maybe because spin movement, to stress of overwork and less sleep. You know I have 3 active kids. Yess i give up again. But I still continue bicycle (can doing in anytime and at night).

Then a pandemic came in 2020.

Everything has changed. Everything must be done at home.

So My motivation is down again. I feel more tired than before. Because I must do extra work to maintain my 3 kids’ school.

Salute to people who can do their workout journey consistently. 

I almost gave up again. How to workout consistently with the fit condition. 

I don’t want to give up right now, I must find a new way that fits me. 

So, I started going vegetarian, start eating vegetarian food and exercising at home. With make a gym at home. I’m doing step by step.

Surprise that work. I lost about 10kg. That’s cool. Maybe because of the food habit.  At Least i am fit and more healthy.

So now in 2021 my challenge is to continue to workout and stay fit. 

The message is , if you feel need to workout, start right now and take small steps.

Don’t do extreme exercise first, you will stop faster. 

Find a workout that fits your body, make you more energy and happy, can be yoga, joging, cycling, skateboard, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, martial art and anything else. Just try it first. If you fail, don’t stop. Just find another sport that fits you.

Habit is the key.

If you feel tired, and down. You just need to take a rest. Don’t give up.

Okay this is the end of the video, So what is your favorite sport to workout? And what do you struggle with?  Comment below, and Let’s we continue the message.

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