Have you ever read a book? Do you think it’s important to read books?

Now we are in the electronic era, almost everything people see on youtube, instagram, and podcasts  .

After all, most people watching movies is more fun than books. 

That is reality.

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Did You know? UNESCO says Indonesia is a second from the bottom in terms of world literacy, that means reading interest is very low, only 0.001%. So out of 1,000 people, only 1 person reads a book.

Indonesia ranked 60 from 61 countries in terms of reading interest.

is between Thailand (59) and Botswana (61).

In fact, infrastructure assessment to support reading, Indonesia’s ranking is above European countries.

Another fact is that 60 million people in Indonesia have gadgets, or fifth in the world for gadget ownership. 

The digital marketing research institute E marketer estimates the number of active smartphone users in Indonesia will be more than 100 million people in 2020.

That a large number, Indonesia will become the country with the fourth largest active smartphone users in the world after China, India and America.

Indonesians have screen time for about 9 hours a day. Now in the pandemic era the hour will increase more.

Indonesia already has small movements regarding literacy to increase interest in reading. An example is book-sharing communities like lemaribukubuku, booksonthego Indonesia and bookhive jakarta, where after reading the book, donated to other people randomly in public places, and must be passed on to others again.

There are other movements with different organizational models to support literacy. Like application phone to receive and rent books.

There are other movements like mobile libraries and other houses for literacy.

Back to the question, do we need reading books?

A book is a collection of paper or other materials that are bound together with contain text, pictures.

Books are a source of knowledge, information and entertainment. This means that by reading books you can find out the knowledge and learn it.

In general, there are several categories of books, like :

1. Novels

2. Picture story

3. Comics

4. Encyclopedia

5. Anthology

6. Fairy tales

7. Biography

8. Scientific Journal 

9. Scientific Books

10. Magazine

11. Digital Books

And many more.

Yess we need read a book for information, but you can get that information from another source like google and youtube. that is contradictory between books or electronic media.

Why is Indonesian literacy so low?

1.lack of support for families to build a reading culture at home, 

so not priority to using books as references to get information.

2.Not all areas can access quality books.

3.Expensive distribution costs.

4.The price of the book is expensive for the lower class

5.People like to play they phone, watching television, playing games, and others.

6.Lack of government support in the discourse of the reading movement

7.Social media addiction.

And many other factors

Now we have explained about literacy, how about us?

For me, I start reading on library when secondary school, almost everyday i going to library for reading book or just for looking around the books. 

After that stopped because I didn’t have a support system. My interest in books back when I was in college. That time I had a choice to buy books,  in that time i like martial art. So I’m buying martial art books. 

At that age, I not sure, what I want to be. I have my accounting degree and magister management degree and it is useless, sorry, because I not use them. After that I continue my magister accounting degree and sistem informatika degree. I hope I can make a new system application about accounting and education. But 1 year later i’m stopped. I think community support is a big key for me, to start and finish something.

I want to explain this, because so many people ask me, what degree do you have? Why you college that just only get 2 degrees, not 4 degrees ? yeah sorry.

I stop because I waste time, not get the result that I want and wasting money too.

Back to the main topic, I started sharing my book experience on youkidsbook. I make a quote from books to instagram from my collection books and some books from my brother gift. After reading books, I realized that I cannot maintain it. I’m stop and I decide to donate about 70% of books to the library and to booksonthego. That is my small journey to support literacy. Not meaning alot, But if everybody doing the same thing, there will be have tsunami effect. 

So what should we do to support literacy?

Yess,  I’m starting from myself, and can start for yourself too, Start reading your favorite book and tell the world what you have read. So can encourage your group to do the same thing.

I know, what I’m doing is still a small step, but better do something than nothing. right.

Comment below what your favorite book, and why you must read it. And have you supported other people to donate your books?

Thank you so much.

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